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Netrition Review

Netrition is an online health food and vitamin/supplement merchant.  Their products are really focused around food and health and do not include items like cleaning or pet care.  That being said, they carry certain “fresh” items like bread and tortillas.  They also classify their products according to your dietary needs such as “low carb”, “muscle building”, etc.
Popular brands at include Atkins Nutritionals, BSN, Designer Whey Protein, Muscle Meds, Muscle Pharm, NOW, MHP, EAS, Optimum Nutrition, USP Labs, MuscleTech, and Ultimate Nutrition to name a few.


  • Netrition offers flat rate shipping of $4.95 no matter the size of your order.
  • Netrition generally has the same or better prices on products (not always, but probably 50-60% of the time compared to Amazon or Vitacost).
  • Each product description includes nutrition information and customer reviews.
  • As noted in the summary, they offer “fresh” items like low carb tortillas and bread.
  • Their selection of low carb baking mixes items is HUGE!


  • Netrition does not have a mobile-enabled website or smartphone app.  So, if you use your phone as much as I do, you’ll have to use the full version of the website which is difficult to view on a small screen.
  • They don’t carry olive oil.  In particular, I get olive oils from California which have been shown to be genuine unlike nearly all imported or supermarket olive oils (including organic!).

Some of their popular products:

Workout Supplement – Monster Muscle

Monster Muscle is made “to protect lean muscle during intense exercise and fuels muscle protein synthesis post-workout.” Thus, this is a great pre, during and post workout supplement.

This product is a combination of branch chain amino acids-BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine) carbs (Amylopectin and Maltodextrin) and Carbogen (for digestion and breakdown so as to protect and preserve valuable muscle glycogen).

This potent supplement can be easily incorporated into any pre, during and post workout meal.

Health Food – Sugar-Free Nut & Flax Granola

The texture is good as within the bag you get those great clumps as well as that which is left from these breaking up so, you pick out the clumps and then cannot help but pour out a handful of the crumbs.

That it has 2 net carbs per serving is simply amazing. If you care not for counting carbs then this is no big deal, you can get carbs anywhere. However, if you are eating low carb, you know that it is often hard to keep the carb count low.

Thus, overall this a healthy, nutritious and delicious addition to any fitness lifestyle.

Healthy Ingredient – Torani or Da Vinci sugar-free syrup

These sugar-free syrups help add flavoring and sweetness to my meals. I even use a Tablespoon in my coffee every morning. I suggest having a few of these on hand. There are TONS of flavors out there, but you’re most likely to use the vanilla and caramel flavorings the most.

If you head to, you’ll find tons of fun syrup flavors to choose from, compared to trying to find them in the stores.

Torani and Da Vinci syrups are sweetened with splenda and have no calories, no carbs, and no sugars. It’s like a freebie when it comes to cutting calories in your diet!


Be sure to shop the Netrition Sale, Clearance, Promotions, and Freebies sections for some incredible deals. You’ll also find health news and message boards at as well as an online product analyzer search tool and food nutrients information. Please note that Shopping-Bargains is in affiliation with

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