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OK Smokey the UKs leading supplier of high quality Electronic Cigarette and e-cig liquids

The Company

Established in 2008, OK Smokey Ltd has 5 years of experience in the Electronic Smoking profession, and provides Electronic cigarettes and accessories to clients throughout the world. The company is located in Birmingham.

The firm provides the general public and distributors with a range of Electronic cigarettes and advice and has business centre. The expert staff help clients live a healthier and tobacco-free lifestyle. The service is designed to be cost effective every time.

The company manufactures and supplies a wide range of top quality electronic cigarettes, featuring unique flavours and degrees of nicotine. Thoroughly tried and tested, the products are perfect for everyday use and can help to all smokers. The products are available from their website and Birmingham headquarters.

With a team that includes 20 skilled staff members, OK Smokey Ltd has an expanding workforce, trained to assist you in selecting the ideal product.

OK Smokey Ltd has an expanding customer base, situated throughout the UK, including pubs, clubs and online clients.

The Product

Golden Virgina 15mg – Fantastic. This is my favorite. It produces a ton of vapor and it’s very smooth. It reminds me slightly of pipe tobacco. 10/10

Marlboro 15mg – Not so good, it does not taste like Marlboro but I thought I’d give it a try. 4/10

Drum 15mg – Very good and smooth, not quite the same hit as Drum DF but easy to vape. 7/10

Drum DF 15mg – Excellent, a close second to being my favorite. It is somewhat sweeter, possibly because it’s DF? 9/10

Old Holborn 15mg – Pretty good, very mild and easy to vape as well. Not sweet like the drum. 7/10

Customers Reviews

100% Trust Score from scamadviser.com

Extract of feedback from Prof Beard:

Following a conversation at the UK Vapefest this year, George from OK Smokey sent me a selection of OKS new products to try out and comment on. Although I received this stuff free of charge, you all know by now that I tell the truth.

The Kingo Clearomizer is called a “CE5+” clearomizer. It is very strongly built, comes apart for cleaning and replacement coil/wick units are available and easy to fit.

The Kingo Clearomizers are available in packs of two at a cost of £8.99.

I’ve been using the clearo for around 12 days and have run quite a bit of liquid through it (probably around 20-30ml). One thing I did notice is that I was getting through the “juice” faster than normal, but that is to be expected as “dripping” is a “frugal” way of vaping compared to clearos and tanks).

The clearo works splendidly. I got excellent vapour production and unexpectedly good hit – I can honestly say I have not once “sneaked back” to have a go with my usual atomisers… Flavour is also good: clean and easy to taste the flavour used (I tried a couple of different tobacco flavours and could readily discriminate between them). I have had no leaks, no problem refilling and have not needed to change the wick/coil.

So overall, I’m impressed. The clearos work well for a heavy vaper like myself and seem problem free. At £2.49 or less for replacement wicks/coils, they are also cheap to run – especially as the wicks and coils seem to last a long time. I showed the clearo to another long-time vaper (Dr Neil) at a meeting this week, and having tried it, he has ordered some for himself… Speaks volumes I think?

Video testimonial below:

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OK Smokey the UKs leading supplier of high quality Electronic Cigarette and e-cig liquids