All Star Health is a solid supplier of vitamins and supplements. They carry all of the stuff that a health aficionado would want, and they do so at a very agreeable price point that would appeal to anyone that is looking to save a buck or two on their orders.

About the company

All Star Health’s headquarters are in Huntington Beach, California, aka Surf City U.S.A. It makes sense that the company is headquartered here. Since the city is one that is based on surf, sand, and the people that use both surfaces, it makes perfect sense for a company that’s all about supplying supplements and vitamins to the masses would have their home base here. Their business philosophy covers the umbrella of general health, but it also drills down into more specified categories of health, such as supplements that are tied to fitness and sports.


The price points offered by All Star Health are extremely competitive with the rest of the industry, so you don’t have to worry about needing to spend an exorbitant amount of money to use their services.

The other cool thing about All Star Health is that they don’t charge a whole lot for shipping. Typically, products are shipped to you for a flat rate of $5.95; better yet, some of the products that they sell come with free shipping, which is an added bonus.

Customer Support

All Star Health does do a good job of keeping their customers abreast on the latest and greatest about the health industry. They have a blog that gets updated periodically. This on-site page provides a slate of useful articles that discuss the various virtues of the products that they sell, but they also dive into some of the science that lay behind the products and the elements in the body that they are designed to work with.

Customer Feedback

This was my first time ordering through and had a great experience. I bought MHP Dren in store at Vitamin Shoppe and paid way to much so was very happy the price of the very same product for a MUCH cheaper price even including shipping which was a flat rate of 5.95. They promptly sent me a confirmation email and it was on my door step in four days. I also ordered Lipo6 for Her to try at a later date and there was a free sample of Body Burn included. Overall a great experience with My only complaint would be that the free sample was only one packet with two pills in it and the recommended dosage is two pills two times daily so while thank you for the freebie I would not purchase it on a half daily dosage. Thank you much AllStarHealth!

I have probably ordered from them about 5 times or more. Everytime i order it comes within 3 or 4 days. I don’t have to worry about when i am going to get my package they always send a confirmation that it shipped and then a tracking number along with where it’s coming from. It normally shipped from NC to PA and came pretty quickly.


At the end of the day, All Star Health makes it relatively easy for you to dive into the world of health products. They sell a lot of great items and they do so at great prices. Judging by their customers’ reactions, they also do a very solid job of making sure that the needs of their clientele are met at every turn.

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Netrition is an online health food and vitamin/supplement merchant.  Their products are really focused around food and health and do not include items like cleaning or pet care.  That being said, they carry certain “fresh” items like bread and tortillas.  They also classify their products according to your dietary needs such as “low carb”, “muscle building”, etc.
Popular brands at include Atkins Nutritionals, BSN, Designer Whey Protein, Muscle Meds, Muscle Pharm, NOW, MHP, EAS, Optimum Nutrition, USP Labs, MuscleTech, and Ultimate Nutrition to name a few.


  • Netrition offers flat rate shipping of $4.95 no matter the size of your order.
  • Netrition generally has the same or better prices on products (not always, but probably 50-60% of the time compared to Amazon or Vitacost).
  • Each product description includes nutrition information and customer reviews.
  • As noted in the summary, they offer “fresh” items like low carb tortillas and bread.
  • Their selection of low carb baking mixes items is HUGE!


  • Netrition does not have a mobile-enabled website or smartphone app.  So, if you use your phone as much as I do, you’ll have to use the full version of the website which is difficult to view on a small screen.
  • They don’t carry olive oil.  In particular, I get olive oils from California which have been shown to be genuine unlike nearly all imported or supermarket olive oils (including organic!).

Some of their popular products:

Workout Supplement – Monster Muscle

Monster Muscle is made “to protect lean muscle during intense exercise and fuels muscle protein synthesis post-workout.” Thus, this is a great pre, during and post workout supplement.

This product is a combination of branch chain amino acids-BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine) carbs (Amylopectin and Maltodextrin) and Carbogen (for digestion and breakdown so as to protect and preserve valuable muscle glycogen).

This potent supplement can be easily incorporated into any pre, during and post workout meal.

Health Food – Sugar-Free Nut & Flax Granola

The texture is good as within the bag you get those great clumps as well as that which is left from these breaking up so, you pick out the clumps and then cannot help but pour out a handful of the crumbs.

That it has 2 net carbs per serving is simply amazing. If you care not for counting carbs then this is no big deal, you can get carbs anywhere. However, if you are eating low carb, you know that it is often hard to keep the carb count low.

Thus, overall this a healthy, nutritious and delicious addition to any fitness lifestyle.

Healthy Ingredient – Torani or Da Vinci sugar-free syrup

These sugar-free syrups help add flavoring and sweetness to my meals. I even use a Tablespoon in my coffee every morning. I suggest having a few of these on hand. There are TONS of flavors out there, but you’re most likely to use the vanilla and caramel flavorings the most.

If you head to, you’ll find tons of fun syrup flavors to choose from, compared to trying to find them in the stores.

Torani and Da Vinci syrups are sweetened with splenda and have no calories, no carbs, and no sugars. It’s like a freebie when it comes to cutting calories in your diet!


Be sure to shop the Netrition Sale, Clearance, Promotions, and Freebies sections for some incredible deals. You’ll also find health news and message boards at as well as an online product analyzer search tool and food nutrients information. Please note that Shopping-Bargains is in affiliation with

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Here is a detailed review of Zquiet and where you can purchase the product. You may have been left wondering what your options are after seeing Zquiet advertised. Can you drop by your local drug store for the product or order it online?

How does the ZQuiet work?

Instead of a nasal strip, chin guard or spray, the ZQuiet approaches the problem of snoring by using a mouth guard. This mouth guard is very simple to use yet appears to have proven effective among a number of consumers who claim they’re enjoying a better night’s rest.

What makes the ZQuiet so unique?

The ZQuiet mouth guard was expertly designed in consultation with a sleep specialist, Dr. Avery Lieberman, DDS.

The snoring mouthpiece is designed from a soft rubber that fits into the mouth while still allowing easy movement and breathing through the mouth and nose. Not unlike a chin guard the design of the piece forces the lower jaw comfortably forward. This repositioning creates an open airway to keep the soft tissue in the throat from collapsing in order to avoid problem snoring.

Zquiet’s Online Store Offers a Great Trial Offer

The truth is, for all its growing popularity, Zquiet is not yet available in your neighborhood store. Instead, it’s even closer – right on your computer screen – and for a better deal than you could find at some mega box store with all its attendant parking woes and standing in checkout lines. The only place to purchase Zquiet currently is on the company’s website, And that is by design for your benefit.

Buy Zquiet from Official Site

By keeping sales restricted to the official site, the company is able to offer you an amazing trial!

The Conclusion

Roughly 90% of consumers who report success have found the product well worth the price and preferable to the more expensive dentist brands.

Gathered research seems to show a ZQuiet (snoring mouth guard) will work effectively to stop or at least severely reduce the snoring. The majority of customers (and especially their spouses) have found some relief from snoring and its effects.

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ONNIT offers a line of high quality foods, primarily superfoods, plant proteins, and athletic performance inspired foods. They have NO added sugars, NO GMO’s, are mostly all vegan, have NO soy, NO gluten, and NO added anything.

These products are 100% pure when it comes to food and nutrition, which is why I was SMITTEN with them

What I was most excited to try out about ONNIT was their Hemp Force Protein.

Hemp Force

Due to all of the activity, hype, and concern surrounding Onnit’s Hemp Force, I decided there was reason enough to throw up this blog, which has been on the back-burner for quite a while.

First off, Hemp Force is delicious. It’s one of, if not the best tasting hemp protein powders on the market. My buddy (who ordered it) and I killed the tub in 3 days, no joke. I don’t get bloated or lethargic from whey, but I buy very high-end protein powder. I didn’t notice much of a lift or reduction in fatigue from Hemp Force, but it certainly tastes wonderful. Onnit’s formulation contains Maca, which is something I’ve been putting in my protein for a long time. I haven’t checked my test. levels in years, but it definitely helps reduce muscle spasms.

The added benefits of the Hemp FORCE protein powder are the ingredients. With substantial ingredients of Omegas 3/6/9, a boost of fiber, and the use of organic ingredients, while eliminating common allergens such as gluten and dairy, the powder surely does its job to provide your life with a delicious and nutritious ingredient to incorporate with your shakes.

Here is an ONNIT recipe for your ONNIT Hemp FORCE protein:

  • 3 Scoops Hemp FORCE
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of almond butter (may sub other nut butter)
  • 1 banana
  • 8oz Rice or Hemp Milk
  • 8 oz water
  • Ice

How Do You Use It?

My top suggestion to use these is of course, smoothies and shakes. Wow! They really make a delicious smoothie that is thick, so filling, and incredibly energizing. You can truly feel the nutrition when you use these products, and I mean that!

>> You can order Hemp Force online from ONNIT

Other ONNIT Products

To beat all, ONNITeven offers a green superfood powder called Earth Grown Nutrients. Earth Grown Nutrients was delicious to be a green powder, and FULL of the best superfoods out there. Great all around product, for sure!

Meet the ONNIT Trilogy Butters – The ONLY Organic, Raw, NO ADDED SUGAR OR SALT Trilogy Butters out there!
Another popular product of Onnit is their Alpha Brain.

“Onnit Labs produces Alpha Brain with all-natural ingredients, with most of these being clinically tested and proven to promote brain and mind functions. Vinpocetine is also known for its neuroprotective properties, which means it helps protect brain synapses and processes from degrading and wearing. Those who suffer from stress can benefit the most from Bacopa, especially if they have hectic schedules and are constantly on the move,” says Stevenson. “The supplement does not contain caffeine or artificial stimulants either, so those who are intolerant to these types of compounds and chemicals can fully take advantage of the product.”

“Alpha Brain allows you to regain the concentration and mental acuity that you have to be able to achieve more in life. Users will have lucid and vivid dreams for a more restful sleep, allowing them to feel fully rejuvenated and ready for the next day. AC-11 has been proven to help the body repair DNA damage, which means it increases the body’s ability to regenerate damaged cells and DNA, therefore allowing one to enjoy maximum brain potential. This brain supplement’s blend of ingredients proves that it has all the potential of delivering on its promises. It has been proven by many to really work!”

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OK Smokey the UKs leading supplier of high quality Electronic Cigarette and e-cig liquids

The Company

Established in 2008, OK Smokey Ltd has 5 years of experience in the Electronic Smoking profession, and provides Electronic cigarettes and accessories to clients throughout the world. The company is located in Birmingham.

The firm provides the general public and distributors with a range of Electronic cigarettes and advice and has business centre. The expert staff help clients live a healthier and tobacco-free lifestyle. The service is designed to be cost effective every time.

The company manufactures and supplies a wide range of top quality electronic cigarettes, featuring unique flavours and degrees of nicotine. Thoroughly tried and tested, the products are perfect for everyday use and can help to all smokers. The products are available from their website and Birmingham headquarters.

With a team that includes 20 skilled staff members, OK Smokey Ltd has an expanding workforce, trained to assist you in selecting the ideal product.

OK Smokey Ltd has an expanding customer base, situated throughout the UK, including pubs, clubs and online clients.

The Product

Golden Virgina 15mg – Fantastic. This is my favorite. It produces a ton of vapor and it’s very smooth. It reminds me slightly of pipe tobacco. 10/10

Marlboro 15mg – Not so good, it does not taste like Marlboro but I thought I’d give it a try. 4/10

Drum 15mg – Very good and smooth, not quite the same hit as Drum DF but easy to vape. 7/10

Drum DF 15mg – Excellent, a close second to being my favorite. It is somewhat sweeter, possibly because it’s DF? 9/10

Old Holborn 15mg – Pretty good, very mild and easy to vape as well. Not sweet like the drum. 7/10

Customers Reviews

100% Trust Score from

Extract of feedback from Prof Beard:

Following a conversation at the UK Vapefest this year, George from OK Smokey sent me a selection of OKS new products to try out and comment on. Although I received this stuff free of charge, you all know by now that I tell the truth.

The Kingo Clearomizer is called a “CE5+” clearomizer. It is very strongly built, comes apart for cleaning and replacement coil/wick units are available and easy to fit.

The Kingo Clearomizers are available in packs of two at a cost of £8.99.

I’ve been using the clearo for around 12 days and have run quite a bit of liquid through it (probably around 20-30ml). One thing I did notice is that I was getting through the “juice” faster than normal, but that is to be expected as “dripping” is a “frugal” way of vaping compared to clearos and tanks).

The clearo works splendidly. I got excellent vapour production and unexpectedly good hit – I can honestly say I have not once “sneaked back” to have a go with my usual atomisers… Flavour is also good: clean and easy to taste the flavour used (I tried a couple of different tobacco flavours and could readily discriminate between them). I have had no leaks, no problem refilling and have not needed to change the wick/coil.

So overall, I’m impressed. The clearos work well for a heavy vaper like myself and seem problem free. At £2.49 or less for replacement wicks/coils, they are also cheap to run – especially as the wicks and coils seem to last a long time. I showed the clearo to another long-time vaper (Dr Neil) at a meeting this week, and having tried it, he has ordered some for himself… Speaks volumes I think?

Video testimonial below:

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OK Smokey the UKs leading supplier of high quality Electronic Cigarette and e-cig liquids

Although an ecigarette is one of the more popular alternatives to cigarettes today, it works in an entirely different manner.  The smoke-free device uses advanced internal mechanisms run by revolutionary micro-electronic technologies to function.  The battery, vaporizer (containing a microchip), and mouthpiece are the product’s most important components.

The alternative smoking device may be nicotine-free or may contain a nicotine cartridge that comes in various flavors.  The kit is also very easy to assemble, although at first glance, the system may seem complex.  Batteries usually last for 10 hours before recharging is needed.  The battery powers the vaporizer that utilizes atomization technology to vaporize the nicotine on the cartridge that produces a harmless smoke-like vapor.  It does not harm the smoker, the environment, and the people around.

>> Revolutionary New Alternative to Smoking – Electronic Cigarette w/many Flavors – Best Deal and Discount!

Following are some of the benefits of using the Premium Electronic Cigarette:

  • It is a fact that smoking traditional cigarettes lead to lots of fatal diseases such as various kinds of cancer and heart problems. As it a very difficult habit to quit, the harmless electronic version provides a very good alternative.  It can have the same flavor but minus the harmful effects.
  • The ecigarette is not harmful to the environment. The vapor emanating from the device does not have the same toxins that the smoke from regular cigarettes brings.
  • You can enjoy the all the pleasures associated with traditional smoking without risking your health.

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Who Is the Premium Electronic Cigarette For?

The product is ideal for people who have been smokers for a long time and find it difficult not to smoke in many non-smoking areas.  This is also perfect for smokers who are trying to quit but are finding it hard to do so.  It is however, not intended for people below 18 years old, pregnant women, and those with existing heart conditions.

The ecigarette is a good product and worth a try if only for the huge health benefits it can provide.  Keeping people away from the hazards of regular smoking is in itself a big help.

Stop Smoking and Get THE best Electronic Cig!

What Product Users Say about the ecigarette?

From JB: “You guys are great!  The ecigarette is indeed the best thing that happened to me since sliced bread!  I no longer have to walk away from people just to be able to smoke.  I also smell better and feel better, and am now back to my status as being a great athlete which I lost when I learned to smoke.”

Form TE: “You guys are awesome!  Thanks for the wonderful customer support I get each and every time!”

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In Brainetics kit, you can find 5 educational DVDs which cultivate a special learning ability for students. They include the following: 1. Focus is on following instructions, concentration, and pattern detection in numbers; 2. Fun tricks and games that will teach the student how to overcome math difficulties; 3. Shortcuts on how to do complex math calculations are discussed here; 4. Mental multi-tasking skills is developed to help solve all sorts of math problems; and 5. Application of skills acquired to help improve memory recall and overall mental prowess.

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The kit also comes with a manual for parents, which includes additional lessons and success tips; playbook with exercises and practice drills; and playing cards and flash cards for a more fun and exciting learning experience.

There are many benefits that can be gained from using Brainetics.  Here are a few of the more important ones:

  • Students will be able to master all the necessary learning skills including concentration, focus, problem-solving skills, out of the box thinking, organizational skills, memory, and overall mental capacity.  Although these are important skills for daily living, these are rarely taught in formal schools.
  • The students will experience the benefit of having two separate parts of the mind working simultaneously yet independent from one another.  The mind will be more efficient and will be able to memorize information while at the same time sorting and analyzing them.  This will give the students a decided edge in practically all facets of life.
  • Students will enjoy the fun learning experience.  As school work is often a chore for most kids, Brainetics makes learning easy, fun, and exciting for people of all ages.  Learning can be done alone, or with the entire family.

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Who Is Brainetics For?

The product is ideal for students, teachers, or adult learners who look to improve their skills in mathematics, memory skills, and overall brain capacity.  It will work on anyone regardless of age.

The learning kit is overall a very good product and highly recommended.  It provides a lot more solid benefits than other similar products.


Brainetics Review from Independent Users:

From Lisa Renee Ackerman: “My 10 year old son hates math and says he is so bad at it. But everything changed when we got the product because of your infomercial that I saw.  My son instantly enjoyed it, laughing all the way to three DVDs in one sitting.”

From Sylvia: “I’m 73 and a grandmother. The DVDs are great. I’m up practicing until past 12:00 midnight every night. Though I never liked math before, I love it now.”

Avoid being the victim of a Brainetics scam.  Deal only with legitimate vendors to make sure you get the original product.

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What is Procera AVH? It is a natural supplement that helps to boost oxygen to the brain and increase neuro-tranmissions that are often depleted on a daily basis; and which result to fuzzy focus, mental fatigue, and forgetfulness.  The safe and natural food supplement helps protect the brain from the damaging effects of ageing, stress, unhealthy diet, and environmental toxins.

The product has been clinically proven to help improve concentration, focus, mental energy and mood.  It can likewise help reverse up to 15 years of memory loss.  You can take free brain power and memory tests to prove that the product really works.

>> To get the best deal, order Procera AVH here (the best offer currently available)

When you use the Procera AVH supplement, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will experience improved focus, concentration, and mental clarity because of the oxygen boost.  You will have more mental energy and will be more mentally alert.
  • You will also develop the ability to recall information and the capacity to learn at a faster rate even when you are older.
  • You will feel less anxious and stressed.  Likewise, you will experience heightened self-confidence and better mood.
  • Because of the increased nutrient and neuro-transmitter levels, you will have sharper thinking and overall mental facility.

Procera AVH side effects are very minimal.  You may experience mild stomach upset if taken on an empty tummy. Likewise, it is not advisable to take the supplement if you have a headache.  Usually, there are no known side effects if the food supplement is taken as directed.

Overall, the product is worth recommending.  It is clinically proven to be effective using FDA-style testing methods and techniques.

What Product Users Say –  Procera AVH reviews:

From Richard G. (73): “I am a retired engineer and former professor at the university. I was depressed after my retirement.  However, since I started taking Procera AVH, my life dramatically improved.  I am more mentally alert, positive, and creative.  I have also taken up the guitar, started to paint, and have joined a creative writing workshop.  Even my libido is strong once more!”

From Barbara D. (60): “I am 60 and my mind is starting to slow down.  I took Procera out of desperation.  After a week, I started to feel like a different person – more active and always in a good mood.  Both my memory and self-confidence are back.  This may sound corny but I really consider this a miracle.”

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To avoid being a victim of the Procera AVH scam, make sure that you only buy the original product by dealing with legitimate vendors. 

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